Individualizing Your Headshot for your Target Market

Have you seen celebrity head shots? Google the phrase and you’ll find a myriad of looks: From sultry poses, to ingénue, or serious, or badass. They all depend on the character traits of the roles they play. Even with the same actress, you’ll find different types of head shots. Hermione and Belle look vastly different, despite the fact that they’re both played by Emma Watson.

The same thing happens with every industry. If you’re an attorney, you want to look knowledgeable, confident, and assertive. Doctors tend to look more empathetic. If you’re a teacher, you want to look likeable and approachable. Conveying these traits through a lens takes a lot more than just looking at the camera.

How can a professional photographer help?

There are certain things we do automatically when we’re getting our pictures taken, that we don’t notice, but that have an effect on the way the person looking at the photos perceive us. A trained photographer will suggest tips for making you achieve your personal branding goal. For example:

Striking the perfect angle:

Some studies suggest that human brain prefers symmetry; while others tell us about the allure of asymmetry. These arguments reflect that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for optimizing our look.

A professional photographer’s trained eye is essential to make sure your best angle is captured by the camera. And depending on what is your professional field, one look might be more appealing than the other. Play to your strengths when taking a professional head shot.


Squinting your eyes:

We all know someone who’s a complete ham in front of the camera. We also know a friend or two who look like a deer in headlights when getting their pictures taken. Unless your target market somehow relates to Halloween or slapstick comedy, you don’t want that wide eyed look. A professional photographer will coach you as to whether you should squint your eyes to make you look more at ease.

So do your homework: Research what other successful professionals in your field are doing with their head shots, so that you have an idea of what is most appealing to clients within your industry. Then call MP Studios to let us help you tell your visual story.