Why does it take so long to get digital pictures?

As I go through a Headshot session, I am tethered to a 27 inch iMac, giving my client and myself the ability to see the images I take on a large screen only a moment after I take them. It is a blessing and a curse. With technology advancing, and digital cameras getting better and…

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Three Quick Tips for Looking Better in Front of a Camera

Confident Eyes. Confidence comes from the eyes, and so does fear. Ever heard of deer in Headlights? Fear. The opposite is where confidence comes in. Squinching comes into play to convey confidence. It is narrowing the distance between your lower eye lid and your pupil. There is a muscle down there called the Levator Labii…

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Three BIG Mistakes People Make Online

Mistake #1 Having no photo! I cannot count the number of times I have been on a social media site and received a friend request or other information from someone who does not have a photo. My first thought is “Who is this anonymous silhouette, and why are they sending me a something?” We are…

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How I Became a Photographer

He rolled over in bed. It wasn’t just another morning, his life was about to be changed forever. He had no idea. He was about to receive a gift that would stay with him all through his journey of life, a gift that would be there for him in the best times and the worst….

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