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The Importance of Consistency Across Your Brand

When it comes to professional headshots, we tend to think about individual photography of one single person. Which, yes; that makes sense. However, a large portion of the population works for companies; and these employers should be aware of the benefits of having your entire team have similar headshots. It makes you memorable: The same…

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How Photography Allows Us To See The World

Remember how, before Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and anything else that kids use today became popular, there was MySpace? The original social network, with lots of music, funky backgrounds, the Top 8, and that one friend everyone had in common: its creator, Tom. Then came Mark Zukerberg, who took the world by storm by making…

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How To Take More Flattering Pictures

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly (thank you!), you already know by now that having the newest iPhone or Android is no substitute for a good professional photographer. But the reality is that from a practical standpoint, we don’t need to have our professional photographer on speed dial. Sometimes we just want to have…

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The Power of Facial Expressions

  If you were to meet someone who only speaks Mandarin, and that person smiled, would you know if they’re approachable? If you were at a mosque in Istanbul, and saw a woman crying just outside the entrance, would you have a clue as to how she’s feeling? Were you ever able to figure out…

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Three Quick Tips for Looking Better in Front of a Camera

Confident Eyes. Confidence comes from the eyes, and so does fear. Ever heard of deer in Headlights? Fear. The opposite is where confidence comes in. Squinching comes into play to convey confidence. It is narrowing the distance between your lower eye lid and your pupil. There is a muscle down there called the Levator Labii…

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How I Became a Photographer

He rolled over in bed. It wasn’t just another morning, his life was about to be changed forever. He had no idea. He was about to receive a gift that would stay with him all through his journey of life, a gift that would be there for him in the best times and the worst….

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