How Photography Allows Us To See The World

Remember how, before Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, and anything else that kids use today became popular, there was MySpace? The original social network, with lots of music, funky backgrounds, the Top 8, and that one friend everyone had in common: its creator, Tom.

Then came Mark Zukerberg, who took the world by storm by making Facebook, and we all switched platforms, leaving MySpace to become a virtual ghost town (pun intended).

So what is he up to now? No need to shed a tear. The man’s been traveling the world with his many millions. And how do we know? Because of the breathtaking photographs he has been taking while doing so.

See, this is yet another benefit of the miraculous industry that is photography. We can be sitting in our office in Tampa, yet looking at inspiring scenery in Nepal.

It brings the world to your living room

As if Tom’s pictures weren’t compelling enough, we could spend an entire afternoon looking at other people’s travel pictures, which can open the door to so many other possibilities: We see that not everything is the way we’re used to seeing it; or it makes us want to travel, or it reminds us of trips we’ve already taken, and we get the itch to purchase another plane ticket.

It shows you the power of a camera lens:

Think about it. How many other items can compel you to do something as much as a camera lens? Do you think the Internet would be as useful as it is now if websites didn’t include pictures? We use them for everything: dating apps, evidence, marketing, to collect memories, to describe things, for comparison purposes.

That is what photography does: It moves you to act. That is powerful.