How to Personalize Your Headshot

What’s your favorite thing in the world to do? Most people would mention something fun, like traveling, hiking, kayaking, going to the beach, or even just lounging on their couch, watching their favorite Netflix series. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would mention anything having to do with the corporate world.

Granted, if you love your job, you’ll easily mention things about corporate America that you do like; but for the most part, we’re likely to mention things we do outside of it. That said, there’s something we can all agree in: No matter what your career, you’d greatly benefit from having a good headshot picture.

How to show your personality through your headshot

Gone are the days of boring, one-size-fits-all professional photography. Depending on your industry, you can get creative and have fun while coming up with ideas for your headshot. Do you like to wear bright colors? Do you have a specific smoldering look (think Brad Pitt) or are glasses a part of your persona? (think Lisa Loeb). Make sure to feature what makes you happiest about yourself. If you receive a lot of compliments on your eyes, or on your smile, play it up! If you’re in a creative field, such as a writer, painter, musician, actor, videographer, you have so much leeway with how to pose to best show who you are and what you do for a living.

Looking beyond yourself

You’re not the only thing that appears on your headshot. Pay attention to the background. Are you ok with a basic white? What about including your favorite color, or playing around with a blurred background for a more artistic look? What about taking your headshot in an office setting, or a beautiful home, or outside?

You don’t have to be that one boring person in a suit (although if that’s what you want to portray, go for it!) But the reality is that there are as many possibilities for taking interesting headshots as there are personalities.

MP Studios Tampa does a great job in talking with you before your photo session to determine what you want to portray in your headshot. You can browse through our portfolio, or mention your ideas to our lead photographer. Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the end result. Contact us and let’s talk. Your website, LinkedIn, and potential employers/clients will appreciate it.