How To Strike The Perfect Pose

Raise your hand if you like taking pictures! Even the most shy of us have a camera phone, so we’re no stranger to snapping snapshots here and there on a regular basis. We’ve perfected the art of using Instagram filters and taking shots from the most flattering angles. But when it comes to professional photography, do you know how to strike the perfect pose? The following are a handful of tips to make you look your best when standing in front of the camera.

Keep in mind your outfit: With the exception of Jennifer Lopez, nobody looks good in Lycra. Stripes are widening. Busy patterns are distracting. Stick with basic staples in solid colors. Stay away from shiny fabrics; they only highlight wrinkles and extra pounds. Wear something you feel comfortable in, that also makes you look good. When you look good and you know it, it shows.

For a slimmer face: Simple and clichéd for a reason: It works. Nobody wants to have a double chin, and the easiest way to avoid having one in pictures, is to slightly elongate your neck, as if you were a turtle. Don’t be too obvious, though. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Practice in front of a mirror.

Pay attention to your shoulders: There is nothing that screams you’re insecure as bad posture. Not only will standing up or sitting up straight will make you look more flattering, but you’ll also look confident. Think Olivia Pope vs. the kid in your class who’s always picked last in gym class. Which one would you rather look like?

Pay attention to your arms: Letting your arms hang on your sides will make you look awkward and wider. Cross them lightly across your chest, put a hand on your waist, or hold your hands together at waist level. Depending on your industry, you might be able to get more creative.

Hire a professional photographer: Don’t spend all this time and effort trying to perfect your pose, then have a friend take it with their phone. A professional photographer will tell you which way to turn or lean to maximize your best features and lighting. MP Studios Tampa has an extensive portfolio that demonstrates our abilities to make you look your best. Contact us and see what we can do for you.