How To Take More Flattering Pictures

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly (thank you!), you already know by now that having the newest iPhone or Android is no substitute for a good professional photographer.

But the reality is that from a practical standpoint, we don’t need to have our professional photographer on speed dial. Sometimes we just want to have a good picture to upload to our dating app or social media sites. To make sure you are looking your best, there are certain things you should pay attention to:

Use a reflector:

Remember Magda, from There’s Something About Mary? Although she was all kinds of crazy by tanning so much, you could take a cue from her and use a reflector.

The reason you should be using one for your pictures is that they diffuse light, making your subject look clearer, brighter. When you look at before and after pictures, the difference is striking.

Although a photography studio is always best, if these are casual pictures you’re taking for personal use, you can use anything that will reflect light: Aluminum foil, a white sheet, a mirror. Give it a try and be ready to be impressed.

The Rule of Thirds:

Professional photographers know all sorts of tricks to make their pictures look magazine worthy. But mere mortals have to make do with the bits and pieces they can learn without actually taking courses and establishing a career in the field.

One of these valuable tricks is the rule of thirds. For a lot of people, it would make sense to have the subject of the picture be right in the middle of the frame. That might be OK; but if you want your pictures to stand out, you’ll want to get a bit more artistic.
Use a tripod and a timer:

Guess what? There are a lot of other ways to take pictures without using your arm or a selfie stick. Setting your camera to take pictures in burst mode will ensure you have several frames to choose from without having to go back and forth if you’re not satisfied with the first few tries.

Remember, these are tips for casual pictures. If you need a professional headshot, the way to go is to hire a professional photographer to do it for you. Let MP Studios help you.