How To Take The Perfect Selfie


Selfies. They’re everywhere. Whether it’s to take a picture to show your outfit of the day, or you’re in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower, these nifty photographs are here to stay. And they’re not as modern as we’d like to think. In 1889, post impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh painted his self-portrait; and it is now one of his most famous works of art.

With camera phones, we don’t need to have the time or the talent to paint our image on canvas. However, it would be useful to know a couple of tips on how to take the most flattering selfies. That way you can just click and go about your day, instead of taking 42 back-to-back failed options.

1. Natural light will always look best: If you’re outside, stand with the sun behind you. If you’re inside and it’s still daylight out, stand in front of a window. If there’s no natural light around, halogen lighting works wonders for your selfie.

2. It’s all about the right angle: Mariah Carey always tilts her head in a way that reminds you that she might be a little bit… high maintenance. However, there’s some truth to having a “good side” or best angle. Generally, taking a picture at an angle will result in more flattering pictures. Try taking pictures from both sides to determine which one makes you feel at your best.

3. Get over those duck lips already: The only person who thinks you look sexy when you do a duck lips selfie is you. Maybe in 2005 they looked quirky or whimsical. But it’s been years since that trend started; and just like with MC Hammer pants, it’s time to move on.

4. Wanna look your best? There’s an app for that: Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. If you think a black and white retro look, or a vintage glow will make your picture pop, go with that. If you feel like airbrushing will make you look your best, there are many apps that will make you look magazine ready.

5. Never take a selfie if what you want is a professional headshot: It doesn’t matter that you’re wearing a suit or a business casual attire. Selfies are meant to rock your social media accounts by displaying good fun, or to flirt with whoever strikes your fancy on Facebook or through online dating. But when it comes to taking a professional headshot, do yourself a favor and hire a professional photographer. The investment is well worth it.