Is Black and White Photography Still Relevant?

We’ve all seen classic Hollywood pictures of film legends, such as Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart, and Marlon Brando. They add an air of class and mystery that are sorely missing from modern celebrity photos.

We’ve also probably found old photo albums of our own family, with fading pictures in black and white or sepia. Our grandparents and parents as children. Our hometown before familiar buildings existed. It all brings an air of nostalgia that can seldom be recreated.

That said, everyone now has a smart phone. Plenty of people know how to use Photoshop; and with Instagram only a click away, we have a myriad of filters to make our pictures look as flattering as we can possibly make them. So why still use black and white pictures, when we have so many options now?

Reasons to still use black and white photography

  1. It gives pictures a vintage feel: No matter how technology advances, we are still suckers for yesteryear. This is why there are so many revivals of old movies and musicals; and why in college dorms across the country, no matter the year, there will always be posters of Marilyn Monroe. So if you want to evoke that kind of feeling, black and white photography is the answer.
  1. There’s no color to distract: Some photography looks vibrant with color: landscape pictures, photos of an ethnic wedding, when you’re taking account psychology in marketing. But sometimes (such as in some photojournalism photography), the message is more poignant when the viewer can focus on the subject of the picture. Everything else could perfectly blend into the background.
  2. You can play with light: It is no secret that lighting is an essential component of any good photography session. This is why there are so many tools to maximize the reflection of light. However, with black and white photography, you could shoot photos in harsh light in the middle of the day, and still come out with decent results.

Photography will always be one of the world’s greatest inventions; and black and white photography is here to stay. If you’d like to get creative with your professional headshot with this mode of photography, let MP Studios know. We’ll provide you with the exact results you envision.