Taking Professional Pictures Outdoors

We’ve all seen a wide array of professional head shots throughout our lives. Some people look serious and intimidating, while others look like more approachable versions of our favorite celebrities. Sometimes, they just look like really good looking people; and you wonder if that’s what they really look like, or if that’s part of the magic of hiring a professional photographer.

One thing does seem to be a common denominator across the board: They’ve mostly been taken at a professional studio, with a plain background that’s meant to keep the focus on the person and away from distractions.

But did you know that there are ways to take outdoors professional head shots that will still result in people in your industry taking you seriously? As long as your head shot matches your brand, you should be able to get as creative as you want.

That said, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to get the best outdoors photographs:

Maximizing Natural Light:

Taking pictures with the sun’s light shining on one of your sides means the other side of your face will look dark and shadowy. This is not a good look even in casual pictures with friends. Make sure the sun is behind the photographer. Make sure to not squint. In fact, make sure to hire a professional photographer to coach you through this process, so that you don’t end up with head shots where you look like you’re about to sneeze.

Be mindful of distractions:

Just as photography studios have a blank background for their head shots, you should make sure that anything behind you should, well, fades into the background. Look around for photo bombers and choose a location with a neutral background. This is not the moment to showcase your awesome neighborhood. Your head shot is all about you.

Remember that your professional head shot is your only chance to make a good first impression. In this age where potential clients and employers can look for anyone on LinkedIn, you can’t afford to make them get the wrong impression of you, when your competition is just a click away. Call MP Studios. We guarantee we’ll take amazing pictures.