The Importance of Consistency Across Your Brand

When it comes to professional headshots, we tend to think about individual photography of one single person. Which, yes; that makes sense. However, a large portion of the population works for companies; and these employers should be aware of the benefits of having your entire team have similar headshots.

It makes you memorable:

The same way having a specific letterhead or logo is part of a company’s identity, so is the way they portray themselves to the public in all of their interactions. For example, if all of your headshots have a blue background, it gives your website a uniformity that’s easy to remember.

It gives you a sense of identity:

Let’s go back to that blue background. When you’re a startup, everything’s new and you’re just trying to get your bearings as you learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. But once you start getting used to doing things a certain way, they become a part of who you are as a business. Casual Fridays? That’s your thing. Company softball game? Your thing too. Blue background (or standing in front of a tree, or whatever you want your theme to be)… you get the picture.

It makes your company look professional:

When everyone on your team has similar headshots (same background, same lighting, similar poses), it becomes obvious you invested in a professional photographer. It takes money to make money; and uniformity will make you look like you take your business more seriously than a company with a lot of different headshots (especially if it looks like their different shots may have been taken with an employee’s camera phone).

It makes you recognizable:

How cool would it be to engage someone in conversation, and after telling them where you work, they exclaim: “Oh yeah! The one with the blue headshots!” Not that this is likely to happen all the time; but after you’ve been consistent for a while, people within your industry will start recognizing your brand, because they’ve seen it so many times, they associate it with you.

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