The Truth About Digital Re-Touching

Raise your hand if you think celebrities look in real life the same way they do in magazines and in social media. Would you recognize Katy Perry if she were walking down the street wearing a t-shirt and jeans?

It’s no secret that celebrity pictures are highly retouched, so that models resemble fembots more than humans. Gone are their pores, their wrinkles, and cellulite. However, not all re-touchings are created equal. Often, it is used for slight changes that will make you look… like a better version of you.

What is Portrait Re-touching

When you hire a professional photographer to take your head shot, they will retouch the photos taking into account several factors: Is there any redness on your skin? Would a different color contrast improve the picture’s quality? Are there minor, distracting details that should be eliminated, such as fly away hair strands or dust? These are subtle changes that differentiate a picture taken by a professional vs. a picture taken by your loving grandmother.

They also make your photos look sophisticated; i.e. your best features will be enhanced, and you will be provided with images depicting the finest version of yourself.

What’s the type of retouching used in fashion magazines?

Mariah Carey

Short of knowing them personally or having them hire you to take their pictures, we can only speculate as to how much retouching is done on a particular celebrity’s photos. However, when it comes to magazines, editorial retouching is the standard. Everything can be manipulated, and the pictures can end up looking completely different than the person in front of the camera. Waistlines will look slightly wider than a person’s arms. Augmentation in certain areas can occur without resorting to surgery. In short, an average Jane can be made to look like Pamela Anderson, circa Baywatch.

How do I know whether a photographer will make me look natural?

Look at their online portfolio. Talk to them and discuss what’s the purpose of your pictures and what your ideal goal would be. If you work in the acting industry, your expectations are going to be different as to what constitutes a perfect head shot than if you were a banker or a lawyer. An experienced photographer will know what to do to keep you happy. Contact MP Studios and see what we can do for you.