Why a Professional Headshot Beats Your iPhone Camera

It’s a cliché for a reason: You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when you’re a professional, you want to make the right one right off the bat. A quick scroll through LinkedIn will show you that even in the age of social media, there are plenty of well-intentioned young professionals who are still having someone take a picture of them with a cell phone. Sometimes the lighting is off. Sometimes there’s a little bit too much cleavage for a professional look, or a guy looks a little bit too much like a douche. It’s not their fault. They’re doing their best with what they can. However, when trying to impress potential employers or clients, you don’t want to look like a chef who can only make a sandwich; especially not when it’s so easy to click away from your site and onto the next one.

You want someone to use proper lightning, the right angles, and who will coach you a little bit when you look like you’re wearing a fake smile or look too stiff. Your image is your brand. It will appear on your company’s website, business cards, social media sites (at least on LinkedIn). It will also make you memorable. What are you more likely to remember? A name, or a face?

You can also communicate so much about you with a good headshot: Depending on you chosen profession, you can convey some of your personality; and if you are in a more serious industry, you can portray confidence and approachability.

Taking all of this into account, make sure you invest wisely and hire a professional head shot photographer so that the first impression people get of you is exactly what you intended to portray.