Why the World Revolves Around Photography

Outside of relationships, there are few things that mean as much to people or evoke as many emotions as pictures do. You can tell your friends all about last night, but why do so, when you can show them? Photography is the axis on which the world turns, and the following are reasons why:

1. Special Events: When was the last time you went to a birthday, a wedding, a vacation, or a concert, and nobody was taking pictures? Never. Because even if you weren’t the one with a camera, someone else was. Life has many beautiful moments that we can relive forever by looking at their photographs. Yes, we have our memories, but they will never be as vivid as looking at the exact images of when they happened.

2. Social Media: Once upon a time, MySpace was created. To some, it seemed like a waste of time; but now you’d be hard pressed to find someone without an account on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or whatever else may exist that only high school and college kids know about. And if you were to come across one of those profiles with no pictures, you’d think it was created by a someone solely for the purpose of trolling Facebook groups and news boards.

3. In a Courtroom: Sometimes, a person may get lucky and gets acquitted because a glove didn’t fit, but for the most part, pictures and videos carry the most weight in a court of law. You can have outstandingly honest people testifying on the witness stand, but one incriminating picture could be enough to decide the fate of a case.
4. In Journalism: Would you read a top story on current events if it weren’t accompanied with a picture? Would anyone?

5. Online Dating: eHarmony tried to sell us on the fact that they have a long list of compatibility tests that helps them pick out our best potential matches; but let’s get real: You could be a 100% match with Chewbacca, but unless you’re one of those people who dresses up as ewoks every time a Star Wars movie premieres, you’re going to swipe left.
So there you have it. Turns out, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. A picture is life.